Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Auditions for the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts upcoming production of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress will take place Tuesday, February 25 and Wednesday, February 26, 6 pm, at the Studio Theater, 114 E. Main.


Frances – 21 – innocent

Meredith – 22 – brides sister, athletic

Trisha – 30’s – glamorous

Georganne – 30’s – a hot mess

Mindy – Mid – Late 30’s – thin

Tripp – Male – Late 20s

SCRIPT five-women-wearing-the-same-dress

Be prepared to read from the script for the following roles.

Frances – Meredith pages 6 – 8

Trisha – Meredith – Frances pages 11 – 13

Trisha – Georganne pages 18 – 20

Tripp – Trisha pages 58 – 61

Georgeanne, Mindy, Trisha, Frances pages 32 – 35

Congratulation to the Cast of Cinderella


Ella                              Claire Ladaga

Topher                         James Debenham

Marie                           Amanda DeKatch

Sebastian                     Michael Windnagle

Madame                      Mandy Bashore

Gabrielle                      Sarah Hayner

Charlotte                      Grace Rosen

Jean-Michel                 Vinnie Lindquist

Lord Pinkleton            Josh Holliday

Footman                      Miles Hayes

Coachman                   Joe Gill



Andrew Ashton
Niki Briggs
Zach Crawford
Rachael Dahl
Michelle Drake
Taylor Engel
Ava Fett
Meredith Hague
Evelyn Johnson
Casey Lambert
Mary Maurer
Katie McCarthy
Frankie Nevin
Emma Smith
Megan Smith
Carly White
Emma Wykes
Erica Wykes