Board of Trustees

Dana Clark – President

“I am involved with Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts because I love theatre and feel fortunate to be part of an organization that brings culture, artistic expression and entertainment to a community that wishes to grow and prosper. Community theatre is a place where diversity of age, culture, thought and life experience comes together and offers opportunities for anyone who has the time to give.”


Mike Ash – Immediate Past President 

“I am proud to lead an organization that brings top quality performing arts to thousands of people each year. For many, this may be the only opportunity to experience this caliber of theatre at an affordable price.”

Sue Ludington – President-Elect

“Being involved with Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts for the past 20 years has been something that I am very proud of. Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts has been an integral part of my family.  It is very exciting to see the continued growth of our theater and to be the cornerstone of our communities growth.”

Phil Liagre – Secretary

I believe being involved in the community is important and I love the theatre. I have found that the people involved with Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts are committed to both. Being part of the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts family is very enjoyable and has provided me with an opportunity to be part of something that brings joy to the community and to me!

Kevin Sule – Treasurer

I want to serve on the Lebowsky Center Board because I want to contribute to an organization that makes a genuine impact within the community.  Supporting the arts is something I have always been interested in, and I hope to continue the positive energy that has been created with the theater.

 Dean Bolton

Performing arts offer shared experiences that bring together people on a joyful and thoughtful journey. I am excited to be involved with the Lebowsky Center for the Performing Arts Board on their journey providing outstanding theatrical experiences! It is an honor to be part of a group that has such great positive impact both locally and regionally.


Quentin Brainerd 

“I joined Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts because I saw a community I wanted to be a part… a group of people I wanted to get to know and call my friends, and I have not been disappointed!  When offered the opportunity, I joined the board because I wanted to make a real difference in the organization, not just on stage, but behind the scenes, helping plan and execute sustainability for the years to come!”

Josh Holliday

“I serve as a member of the Board of Directors because I believe in the transformative power the arts have on creating a stronger, more prosperous community!”

Tom Kurtz

“Theatre is vitally important in a community to promote and foster creativity, culture, expression and art.  Especially in a small community, theatre may be one of the few opportunities to perform, share and grow in the arts. I am involved in the Owosso Community Players for the quality, culture, and experience that is second to none in community theater.”


Anna Owens


Paul Peters

“Theater is a passion in my family.  We love the immersive experience when seeing a show.  And my family enjoys helping others experience being immersed in the play/story, that is why we volunteer.”

Melvin Renfrow


Dr. Daniel Williams



Michael Windnagle

Without creative ways to express ourselves and our emotions, we would be no different than any other animal on the planet.  Why and how we connect with one another is more important than any other human need, as far as I’m concerned. The performing arts provide us with that context, that vehicle. I’m on this board to make a positive difference in this community. My family lives here and I owe it to them to do my best to provide a space for them to grow to be their best selves.


Heidi White



 Mark Van Epps