Ready to step out of your theater seat and onto the stage? Perhaps you’d like a peek behind the curtain, or you’d like to lend a hand in other ways.  We welcome your participation.


Congratulation to the cast of Matilda!

Alexis Bruner – Matilda Wormwood
Garrett Bradley  – Miss Agatha Trunchbull
Mary Maurer – Miss Honey
Michael Windnagle – Mr. Wormwood
Megan Meyer – Mrs. Wormwood
Elijah Whiteside – Michael Wormwood
AnnaMaria Horn – Mrs. Phelps
Connor Miller – Bruce
Ava Louch – Lavender
Isaac Orr – Rudolpho/The Escapologist
Claire Ladaga – The Acrobat/Ensemble
Evan Worden – Nigel
Quinn Schemenauer – Hortensia
Kenny Evans – Eric
Symphany Horn – Alice
Isaac Feldpausch – Tommy
Isla Britten – Amanda
Alissa Britten – Doctor/Ensemble
Trevor McMinn – Ensemble
Stephanie Banghart – Ensemble
Nichole Brooks – Ensemble
Rachael Dahl – Ensemble
Taylor Engel – Ensemble
Ava Fett – Ensemble
Frankie Nevin – Ensemble
Levi Heck – Ensemble
Sarah Horn – Ensemble
Zion Horn – Ensemble
Lydia Fenner –  Ensemble
Alexis Golab – Ensemble
Gabby Grover – Ensemble
Natalie Jaime – Ensemble
Claudia Kenny – Ensemble
Emerson Massey – Ensemble
Olivia McIntyre – Ensemble
Lily Michael-Davis – Ensemble
Aspen Mills – Ensemble
Alexia Munger – Ensemble
Madison Sadler – Ensemble
Emma Smith – Ensemble
Megan Smith – Ensemble
Isabelle Sumner – Ensemble
Alice Banghart – Ensemble
Marissa Rowe – Ensemble
Ava Poag – Ensemble
Nicole Neuman – Ensemble
Emilia Escamilla – Ensemble
Tayloe Spielman  Ensemble
Isla Sule – Ensemble
Carly White – Ensemble